Hey I’m Jess Ashworth! I have recently completed a Bachelor of Communication Design and Business at Monash University.
Over the course of my degree I have found that I excel at branding design and user experience design and on the business side I have decided to major in marketing which I believe compliments my design skills. I enjoy taking on new projects and solving logical problems drawing on my skills in both communication design and business. I find inspiration from my surroundings and experiences. I love the creative process of marketing and am excited to pursue marketing as my career.
I am excited to put my many skills to use in a job that will let me be creative and resourceful. I love exploring new trends and ideas to incorporate into my work. I am hard working and highly driven to perform well in any challenge I am given. With my background in business this allows me to have a deeper understanding on what customers want from an organisation.
I have a passion for marketing and have created a digital marketing blog, take a read!

Contact details:
email: jessie.ashworth@gmail.com
phone: 0448437909
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