Fashion photoshoot that was styled, directed and photographed by me. An archive was created of fashion looks for three different occasions
It's time to gather your friends and hit up the next music festival in town. Pretty much anything goes when it comes to festival fashion, so it's the perfect opportunity to experiment. Grab some stick on gems from your craft stash and place them around your eyes and eyebrows. Moon buns are an awesome way to look cool and are super practical for keeping your hair off your face. Frills, lace and denim always work a treat at festivals and give you enough freedom to dance in the mosh to your favourite bands and DJs. Both outfits are paired with a clutch or bag to store all the essentials you'll need throughout the day
Time to bring out your leather facets and band tees to you see your favourite rock band. Both outfits are paired with a simple black chocker, statement black earrings and a moroon scrunch. Don't be afraid to add colour into the mix, red always adds a bit of fun into a dark coloured outfit. Layer with a jacket, this means you can take it off when you get all hot and sweaty from dancing. A dark lipstick always helps bring the whole outfit together, ready for an awesome night. Oh and don't forget your camera so you can take some photos to show all your friends!
Whether it's going to a fancy restaurant or grabbing a drink at a bar with your special someone, these date night outfits are perfect for any occasion. With simple makeup to give off a natural look, this will make your outfit shine. Solid colours give you the opportunity to highlight a stunning clutch or bag, both outfits featuring a bold and elegant clutch and bag big enough to fit everything you would need for a night out. Paired with either heeled or flat boots to dress an outfit up and statement earring to draw attention to your face. Remember to layer with a jacket or coat for when it gets cold as the night progresses.
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